Welcome to the night Prague

Five places in Pragueworth seeing at night

After the sunset, when the artificial lights are turned on, the sights in Prague look totally different. Here is a list of five places definitely worth seeing even in the night. The right Vltava bank near Charles Bridge If you are amazed with the view on Prague Castle during the daylight, the night view will […]


Which places to avoid in Prague at night

Smíchov, Jižní město (the southern town) and Prague 1, these places belong to the most dangerous parts of the capital of the Czech Republic based on the numbers of committed crimes. About 9 343 crimes ( i. e. more than 1 crime per hour) were committed in the streets Bartolomějská, Krakovská, Benediktská in Prague 1 […]


Stag Party in Prague

Having all European capital cities in mind, Prague is not only admired for  its unique architecture, but also for the opportunities it offers for men who want to have the last real „men only“ night before they heir the wedding bells chime! This kind of fun attracts men literally from all over Europe ( Great […]