Five places in Pragueworth seeing at night

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After the sunset, when the artificial lights are turned on, the sights in Prague look totally different. Here is a list of five places definitely worth seeing even in the night.

The right Vltava bank near Charles Bridge

If you are amazed with the view on Prague Castle during the daylight, the night view will take your breath away for sure. When looking to the left, where Charles Bridge crosses the river, you will feel like Cinderella going to the ball in her magical carriage.

In the night time there are less tourists crossing the bridge, thus the towers of Prague Castle and surrounding buildings can come to the fore and you will have a chance to enjoy the views as in the movies Kafka or Mission: Impossible, which were both partly directed there.


It is not such a noticeable building during the day, but in the night you won´t be able to take your eyes off it. A complex of buildings called Loreta in the Loreta Square in Hradčany, a district of Prague, dominates it with its bright colours. Visiting Loreta in the night with not many people around may feel a bit spiritual. Many legends are connected to this place, for example the one about the cure of plague or the supernatural playing the chimes.

Charles Bridge

Back to the river. If there´s something you can rely on in Prague, it´s crowded Charles Bridge during the day. You can easily get lost in the mass of people controlling the pace and the aim of your walk.

As soon as the sun goes down and tourists from all around the world return back to their hotels, it is easier to breathe there. If you choose to come here in the dark, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful view of the statues and the illuminated bridge without being stuck in the imaginary snake made of people when you walk.

The Old Town Square

When visiting this place, you will feel like in the Amadeus movie (which was also directed right here). It may seem as if the buildings (beige, thanks to the street lights) can take you back in time a few centuries (forgetting about the lights being electric, of course).

Wenceslas Square

This place is a lively spot day and night. The most famous Prague pubs and restaurants are located in Wenceslas Square. The floodlit buildings of the National Museum, St Wenceslas Statue and in fact all the surrounding buildings seem like huge magnets for many.

It is not possible to say, whether the Square is more crowded during the day or the night. But it is without doubt much more beautiful in the dark. The street in the upper part of the Wenceslas Square is not that busy (it is one of the most frequented streets in Prague), the National Museum comes to the fore more than in the daylight, when it looks rather sad and all in all, the square as such is more colourful than in the day, when it can blend into a big concrete area.