How to travel in Prague at night

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The night public transport timetables in Prague are in operation from 0, 00 to 4:30, the underground and other means of transport do not operate except for the 9 tram lines. If you need to travel from the city centre to more distant parts of Prague, you have no other choice than to use one of the 9 tram lines or take a taxi.

The routes of those night tram lines can be found on the website of Prague public transport (see here). In case there aren’t any night tram lines coming to your hotel, taking the taxi seems to be an option.

The taxi drivers of Prague have earned bad reputation in the Czech Republic and in other countries too. Here is a list of troubles that can befall you:

  • using turbo (a device which allows the driver to rip the customer off by increasing the price)
  •  taking longer routes ( to a hotel which is for example  only 5 kilometres away, the driver can deliberately take a route which is 8 kilometres)

The records of the malpractice carried out by Prague taxi drivers can be found on YouTube, see here. The dishonest conduct of Prague taxi drivers allows new taxi agencies to flourish.

The Tick Tack Taxi tries to offer good quality service by introducing a taximeter, which is placed on the rear view mirror for the customer to monitor the price while being in the car.

This new taxi provider shows the route on the screen which is in front of the customer (the route follows the GPS navigation and allows the customer to make sure the driver keeps the shortest way and does not divert to a longer route.

It is advisable to order a taxi 20-30 minutes ahead (it is better to order 15-25 minutes ahead during a day). We recommend to select the renowned taxi agent, most preferably a company called Tick Tack Taxi.

If you still want to travel by public transport at night in Prague, we recommend to download an application called IDOS into your mobile (a version for Android, a version for iOS in which you can easily find timetables of trams that would safely take you back to your hotel or the area nearby.