The tips for accommodation in Prague – do not get caught into tourists traps

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Have you ever noticed that when choosing accommodation in a foreign country, you most likely choose facility near airports, stations or the one, which is placed right in the centre? That is not always the best thing to do. The prices of these facilities are usually much more expensive than prices of hotels that are located a few hundred metres further away. We offer you a list of locations, where you can get agood quality accommodation for lower prices.

Don’t be afraid to use public transport

Prague has excellent system of public transport that provides 9 tram lines and 20 bus lines even at night (0:00 – 4:30). Please visit the following website in order to receivemore detailed information about particular lines (or the routes)(

If you use the public transport in Prague, you will be able to reach more distant locations such as Flora, Hostivař, Kobylisy, Palmovka, Kavčíhory and Opatov and find far less expensive accommodation. The hotels found in these areas keep the high standards of renowned places in Prague.

This is how much time you spend using the public transport when reaching the various destinations in Prague: ( measured by the time duration of the tram ride from the station Museum to Václavskénáměstí (St. Wenceslas Square):



Less than 30 minutes:

  • Flora (Prague 3)
  • Letenskénáměstí (Letenske square)(Prague 7)
  • Dejvická (Prague 6)
  • Ohrada (Prague 3)
  • VozovnaŽižkov (Prague 3)
  • Anděl (Prague 5)
  • Motol (Prague 5)
  • Motol (Prague 5)
  • Palmovka (Prague 8)
  • Libeň (Prague 9)
  • Pankrác (Prague 4)
  • Krč (Prague 4)
  • Michle (Prague 4)
  • Petřiny (Prague 6)
  • Střížkov (Prague 9)


30 – 50 minutes

  • Horoměřická (Prague6)
  • NadDžbánem (Prague 6)
  • SídlištěŘepy (Prague 17)
  • Hloubětín (Prague 14)
  • Prosek (Prague 9)
  • Čakovice (Prague 9)


We put the part of Prague, in which the place is located, into brackets right next the nameof the stop. So as soon as you have made up your minds about where to book the hotel, enter this city part information into the search engine, e.g. „hotel Prague 6 (or PRAHA in Czech)“ and then select the hotel that is located near the stops mentioned above. The portal allows to use similar filter of particular city parts and can graphically define the imaginary borders of the given part and show the directions to the selected hotel.

The night lines run every 30 minutes and if you choose a hotel from the first category (i.e. those places that are located within 30 minutes from the centre) your journey back to the hotel will not make your life more difficult in any way. The night lines of public transport are safe as they are used by the police officers on duty.

If you use our smart tips for searching the accommodation in Prague, you will save a great deal of money without having to make compromises when it comes to the quality.