Which places to avoid in Prague at night

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Smíchov, Jižní město (the southern town) and Prague 1, these places belong to the most dangerous parts of the capital of the Czech Republic based on the numbers of committed crimes. About 9 343 crimes ( i. e. more than 1 crime per hour) were committed in the streets Bartolomějská, Krakovská, Benediktská in Prague 1 in the period from December 2013 to December 2014.

praha smichov

The building of Smíchov railway station in Prague

Source: Wikipedia.org

Another place which you should avoid at dark is the area around Wilson railway station (the main railway station in Prague) the park in front of this railway station, in particular. The locals even call this place “Sherwood” where the homeless, drug addicts and drug dealers hang around. As the sun sets down there is a higher potential risk of becoming a crime victim despite the targeted surveillance by the police.

An overview of areas with the highest crime rate:

Location Number of committed crimes
Jižní město 4116
Smíchov 3589
Bartolomějská street 3322
Krakovská ulice 3150
Vršovice 3001
Benediktská street 2871
Lhotka 2814
Kyje 2586
Nové Město 2545
Vinohrady 2507

Notes – the data gathered in the period from December 2013 – December 2014, Source: www.mapakriminality.cz

How to travel safely in Prague at night

Do not stray from the busy areas at night.

Do not talk to people who randomly approach you in the street under any circumstances. These are usually drug dealers, thieves or people who would like to offer you sexual services provided by the ladies from Prague’s “night clubs”. If you start talking to these people not willing to accept their offer you are risking a physical attack!

Do not hang around a secluded stop waiting for your tram. Wait until you see your tram or bus approaching is the stop and then come closer to the stop and get on. The timetables of Prague public transport can be found on  www.idos.cz
When travelling by taxi, try to find a renowned taxi agency with good reputation otherwise you are at risk of getting ripped off. Unfortunately, even the taxi drivers working for a popular taxi agency in Prague can show dishonest conduct as it is illustrated on the YouTube video). The worst case scenario is that you would be taken to a place you had not intended to go at all as the taxi drivers get special bonuses from the staff when bringing a new guest.

If you are staying in a hotel which is located in some of the most dangerous parts of Prague, take the public transport or a taxi directly to the hotel. Ask the driver to leave after you have safely walked through the hotel door.

Finally, before you decide to paint the town red, make sure you have saved the following phone numbers in your mobile phone: 112(the emergency line provided in English as well), 156 (emergency Prague city police line also available in English).